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LMS Physical Education Syllabus                                                 

Coach Dennis


Activities are based upon The AL Course of Study for Physical Education


The purpose of this course is to develop competence in physical fitness, interactive behavior and participation to facilitate continued lifelong fitness for a healthy future.


1.      Demonstrate competency in many movement forms and several forms of physical activity.

2.      Apply concepts and principles of human movement to the development of motor skills.

3.      Analyze the benefits of regular participation in physical activity.

4.      Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.

5.      Demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior in physical activity.

6.      Experience physical activity as opportunities for enjoyment, challenge and self-expression.

Rules and Consequences

All rules set forth in the Madison City Schools Student Handbook will be enforced. Additional rules that will be applicable in Physical Education are as follows:

1.      Listen and follow directions

2.      Participate in all activities

3.      Be on time for class and roll call

4.      Be responsible for personal belongings

5.      Be respectful of other students

6.      Do not leave class without permission

7.      Keep hands and feet to self

8.      Maintain a positive attitude

9.      No gum, food or drinks

10.  No sprays of any kind

1st Offense – Verbal Warning

2nd Offense – Written Assignment/Parent Contact

3rd Offense – Detention

4th Offense – Administration


Grading is based on daily class involvement to include dressing out, participation, cooperation and assignments. If a student chooses not to dress out, they will lose half or more of their daily points depending on the practical ability to participate in what they are wearing. (Only tennis shoes are allowed on the gym floor.)



Dressing Out

Students will be expected to dress out daily. The name must be printed on both the shorts and t-shirt. If a student is found to be wearing someone else’s uniform it will result in a loss of points and the uniform must be turned in to teacher for the owner to pick up. P.E. uniform cannot be worn under school clothes and school clothes cannot be worn under P.E uniform. Personal hygiene is emphasized.

Doctor’s Notes

If a student is unable to participate due to illness or injury a note from home is acceptable for up to 3 days. A Doctor’s note is required beyond this length of time and alternate assignments will be given.


This is to track progress as well as earn extra points if necessary. There will be an opportunity at the beginning and end of class each day for students to record posted information. This should be easily referenced in a dedicated place in planner/journal.

Lockers and Locks

Each student will be assigned a locker. It is recommended that all students bring a lock for use during their P.E. time. Each student is responsible for his/her own clothes and belongings being locked in their locker during class. Belongings must be removed and stored in school “hall” locker outside of P.E. class.