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Mastery Math Info 

This year's math courses have been broken down into indicators (skills) that students need to master to be successful in Algebra 1.  In order to master an indicator, your child needs to have 80% of the skill correct on the Unit Test.  The Unit Test will consist of 3-5 indicators, each of which will be recorded as a separate test grade in iNow.  This means if your child has a low grade on any indicator, they may retake just the portion of the test that was low, with a maximum of two retakes per indicator.  Instead of moving on and leaving students with "gaps" in their learning, students have the opportunity for assistance with indicators they are struggling with and possibly earn up to a 100 on their retakes.  The highest score will replace the original test.  More Information on Indicators can be found under the File Manager


Mastery Tests


Unit Test will be composed of a Standards Indicator Section and a Spiral Review Section.  Only the Standards Indicators Section may be re-tested, not the Spiral Review portion.


Students will have 3 opportunities per unit test for as described below:

·         The ORIGINAL TEST will be taken in class (this is the initial attempt).

·         RETAKE REQUIREMENTS (Limited to 2 per mastery test over Standards Section):

o   complete any missing work

o   make test corrections

o   show evidence of assistance

*The student will not be allowed to retest on the same day he/she received additional assistance nor the same day test corrections are completed.

·         The student who does not reach mastery on all indicators on the original unit test will have a maximum of 2 retake opportunities on the standards indicator section for each test.

·         Students who initially master all indicators on a unit test are allowed one optional retake opportunity on the standards indicators in an attempt to earn a higher score.

·         All retake tests must be completed within 2 weeks of original test.

·         Semester Exams will NOT be reassessed