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Class Websites  

Review Sessions are offered every Wednesday, 7:35am-7:55am, in the Red and Blue PODS.  Students do not need a pass, but they must report directly to the review session (do not stop at locker).

Math 7 and Math 7 Honors

 Google Classroom – Most class resources and notes will be posted on the Google Classroom.  Due Dates, Unit Outlines, and Practice Tests can be found on Google Classroom. 


 Khan Academy – Various videos and practice modules will be used in class and assigned throughout the year. Khan will track your child’s progress and give them practice problems based on their learning needs. Khan is a great resource for review and extra practice if they need homework help at home. Your student should have their username and password written in their planner or saved on their device.


Money! Money!

Money Island - must go to . We will complete missions in class every Friday.  If your child is absent, they can work on the missions at home.  They should NOT work ahead of the lessons we do in class.