Assignment Sheets

8/5/14 Weekly Assignment Sheet Welcome to Science!  

This Week in Science #1         8/5/14         The Nature of Science

Tuesday:  Welcome!  Introductions, syllabus and procedures. Lab safety and equipment will be introduced.  What is a life scientist?  Assignment:  Return your forms and complete the Explorer Activity with write up.  Have parents email me for a surprize!


Wednesday: Scientific skill building.  More on lab safety ( Discuss homework results.  Notes and discussion on scientific methods and the global nature of science. Observation and collection of data.   Assignment:  Complete your observation sheet as needed.  Looking at your bedroom... write 3 quantitative and 3 qualitative observations about it in your foldable.


Thursday:  Science notebooks.   Scientific method and controlled experiments.   Assignment:  Study vocabulary-visit quizlet!     Make sure your notebook is up to date with all materials in place... be ready to share your author page  on Monday.


Friday: More on variables and controlled experiments. Assignment:  Study vocabulary/concepts.  Complete your author’s page.  Look at the example of the controlled experiment (color of fall leaves) on the back of the weekly assignment sheet and answer the questions.


Vocabulary:  Biology      Scientific methods      Hypothesis      Controlled experiment    Constants    Control    Trials  Dependent variable    Independent variable   Experimental group     Peer review    Bias    Theory    Scientific law            

Quantitative data    Qualitative data               


  (Quizlet:  Nature of Science - Adams


*Pens may be used for text as desired but not for initial sketches!