Assignment Sheets

WAS #10 Microbes!  

Assignment Sheet   10/13-17/14

Monday 13th - Cell Division and Reproduction test returned and discussed.  Our Changing Pond. Introduction-Protist Assignment:  Study foldable and work on Protist Cartoon (due Monday).

Tuesday 14th - More on Protist!  Assignment: Study vocabulary/foldable.   Work on Protist Cartoon.

Wednesday 15th -   Bacteria!    Assignment:  Quiz Friday!   Study vocabulary/foldable.   Protist Cartoon.

Thursday 16th- Microscopic Observations... Protist and invertebrates!   Assignment:  study for a quiz on Friday that will not contain the virus vocabulary.  Work on your protist cartoon due Monday.

Friday 17th -  More observations.  Viruses.  QUIZ (no virus vocabulary)!  Assignment: Protist cartoon due Monday.  The cartoon is a small test grade!

********Bring in water samples if possible for observation on Thursday.********

Vocabulary: endospore, cyst, detritus, succession, climax community --- from “The Changing Pond” 

Protist, amoeba, euglena, paramecium, volvox, flagella, pseudopodia, cilia, contractile vacuole, colony,  

Archea and Eubacteria, bacillus, spirilium, coccus     (Virus, lytic cycle, lysogenic cycle, protein coat, host)


pastedGraphic.pdf                          pastedGraphic_1.pdf 

Protist                                                                                 Bacterial Shapes



1. pastedGraphic_2.pdf                       2.pastedGraphic_3.pdfWhichorganism gain

Which student correctly identified                                 the most energy in this web?                         The least amount?

characteristics of most organisms found in          What autotroph is shown?      Primary consumers?

the kingdom Protista?

Scoring Rubric for Protist Cartoon

 ---Make your caption humorous, focusing on at least one major characteristic of the protist.                              Make a draft copy in pencil; use colored pencils for your final version. You will complete this assignment at home. If available, you may use a computer to create a background and labels for your final cartoon.

--- Use the rubric to evaluate your cartoon before you turn it in. I will use this rubric to assess your work.



                        Exemplary ( Pts.)     Satisfactory( Pts.)        Needs Improvement( Pts.)             No Attempt

1.  Cartoon clearly shows              

which protist is featured.                   4                                 3                                  2                                            0


2.  At least four organelles 

are drawn accurately.                        4                                 3                                  2                                            0


3.  Caption contains 


about at least one                             4                                 3                                  2                                            0


of the protist.


  1. The caption, 

although humorous, is                    4                                 3                                  2                                            0

based on accurate 



  1. Cartoon is neatly done                4                                 3                                  2                                            0

and suitable for posting.






#9 Reproduction and Cycles  

Assignment Sheet---9/29-10/3/14

Monday –  Growing up...puberty and adolescence.  Study Guide.  Assignment:  Complete Study guide. Optional activities are due on Friday.


Tuesday  -   Review of Cell division and reproduction   Assignment:  Study for your test!


Wednesday-   Test on Cell division and reproduction.  Assignment:  Prep notebook for Thursday.


Thursday-  Notebook Check.   The Changing Pond-reader’s guide below.  Assignment:  none 


Friday -   Classes of Vertebrates foldable. Body by Design video.   Assignment:  none


Reader’s Guide :  The Changing Pond

1.  What is succession?



2.  Sketch the 4 pictures that show the gradual change in the pond.  Under each picture tell what is happening to the plants and animal life.














3.  What is a cyst?  Why are they helpful to an organism?  Name an organism that might form one.



4.  What is detritus?



5.  Name 3 examples of decomposers.


6.  What is a climax community?



Think about it...

7.  Do Ponds in nature always dry up?  Why or why not?



8.  What types of natural disaster might lead to the initial formation of a pond?


8/5/14 Weekly Assignment Sheet Welcome to Science!  

This Week in Science #1         8/5/14         The Nature of Science

Tuesday:  Welcome!  Introductions, syllabus and procedures. Lab safety and equipment will be introduced.  What is a life scientist?  Assignment:  Return your forms and complete the Explorer Activity with write up.  Have parents email me for a surprize!


Wednesday: Scientific skill building.  More on lab safety ( Discuss homework results.  Notes and discussion on scientific methods and the global nature of science. Observation and collection of data.   Assignment:  Complete your observation sheet as needed.  Looking at your bedroom... write 3 quantitative and 3 qualitative observations about it in your foldable.


Thursday:  Science notebooks.   Scientific method and controlled experiments.   Assignment:  Study vocabulary-visit quizlet!     Make sure your notebook is up to date with all materials in place... be ready to share your author page  on Monday.


Friday: More on variables and controlled experiments. Assignment:  Study vocabulary/concepts.  Complete your author’s page.  Look at the example of the controlled experiment (color of fall leaves) on the back of the weekly assignment sheet and answer the questions.


Vocabulary:  Biology      Scientific methods      Hypothesis      Controlled experiment    Constants    Control    Trials  Dependent variable    Independent variable   Experimental group     Peer review    Bias    Theory    Scientific law            

Quantitative data    Qualitative data               


  (Quizlet:  Nature of Science - Adams


*Pens may be used for text as desired but not for initial sketches!