Jennifer Hamlett Staff Photo

Bachelor's Degree from Lipscomb University 

Master's in Education from the University of Georgia


I have been an educator for nineteen years; I love teaching!  I have had the opportunity to teach students from almost all grade and age levels: elementary, middle school, high school, university, and adult education.  I have taught French, English, English to non-native speakers, History, Career Preparedness, and a range of electives.  I have also had the opportunity to teach abroad, online, and in both public and private schools.

I believe that teaching is a calling, that every student can learn, and that each person brings a unique set of life experiences and knowledge from which we can all learn.  As an educator, my goals are: to see students succeed, to learn, to grow as individuals, and to be better prepared for the future than when they entered my classroom.  To achieve these goals, it is essential that I model those attributes that I desire for my students: be a life-long learner, rise to a challenge, learn from mistakes, and treat others with respect, even when we disagree.


My name is Jennifer Hamlett and I live in Madison, Alabama with my husband and four children. As a family, we enjoy going to the movies, playing board games, and reading.  I also love to travel and have been to several countries, including France, Germany, Great Britain, Brazil, Japan, and Guatemala.  My husband and I hope to be able to travel with our kids as they get older and see the world together!