Dawn Myatt Staff Photo

I earned my Bachelor's of Science from the Univeristy of North Alabama-Major English

I earned my Master's of Arts from the University of North Alabama-English

I am currentyly working toward my Ph.D. in Literature and Criticism from Indiana Univeristy of Pennsylvania. I am ABD in my pursuit.


I have been in education for ten years. I began my teaching career as a college professor, adjuncting at several community colleges and universities. While working as a part-time professor, I taught two years of high school in Tennessee. I have also taught in the Huntsville City school district at the middle school level. I am currently in my second year here at Liberty Middle School.


I am a teacher of English, a lover of words, and an extrovert in social situations. I am happily married and mother to three FUR babies. I love trivia and play tennis in a league in Florence, AL. Reading is my favorite hobby. Please email me if you have any questions about our class. I will be happy to answer anything!