New App Now Available For Madison City Schools, Thanks To A MCS Student
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Friday, February 10, 2017
Madison City Schools has a new and improved App for its website.
It's the MCS Go 2.0, designed by a Bob Jones student.
Xander Voigt is a junior interested in computer science. He spent a semester  under the direction of MCS Instructional Technology Coordinator Daniel Whitt interning at the Madison City Schools Central Office.

The CO rotates internship offerings to both Bob Jones and James Clemens students.
Mr. Whitt explains the benefits of this hands-on-learning in this brief video:

Xander devoted the bulk of his recent internship designing the App's features and dealing with all the legal complexities to get it approved by Apple. He said an Android version may be in the near future.
The App is now available to download. Feedback so far from users has been overwhelmingly positive.

Xander was recognized at the Feb. 9 meeting of the Madison City Board of Education. "For a junior in high school to build an App of that complexity is a giant undertaking," said Mr. Whitt.
Schools Superintendent Robby Parker and Board members also commended Xander for his ingenuity and hard work.
The following link is a tutorial that walks you through the App's features. 
Way to go Xander Voigt
Xander Voight addresses the BOE as MCS Technology Instructiion Coordinator Daniel Whitt looks on