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The Liberty baseball program consists of two teams made of 7th and 8th grade Liberty student-athletes.  The program follows an "A and B" option, meaning that players from both grades are placed on the team that will provide the most opportunities for playing time for each athlete and ensure the needs of the program are met.

The program holds two tryouts annually.  In the fall (typically end of August), a multi-day evaluation period by the LMS coach staff is used to determine that year's team roster. Students who do not make the program in the fall are encouraged to meet with the Head Coach to go over their evaluation and provide insights on areas for improvement.  In the Spring (typically the last week of January), a one-day tryout is held. This tryout is open for all those who did not make the LMS team in the fall as well as those who may have moved into the area since the fall evaluation period.

Throughout the fall, the LMS baseball team goes through a mandatory conditioning program.  This program consists of conditioning (weights and running) and throwing program set out to strengthen arms in preparation for the upcoming season.  Partial practices begin on the first day back from the Christmas holiday break (state allowed) and full practices typically begin the 3rd Monday of January.

The season runs from President's day through the middle of April.  The team is allowed 24 total games each year.  The team plays other school programs from all over North Alabama, and hosts a pre-season tournament typically consisting of 8-10 teams from North Alabama and Southern Tennessee.

Being a member of this program is a privilege and not a right.  Players are held to a very high standard of excellence in the classroom, outside/inside of the school, and on the field.  Those that are not willing to uphold this standard will not be a part of this program.


Try Out Information

Date: Fall 2017

Time: 8th Grade - Thursday August 17/Tuesday August 22nd from 6:00-8:00pm

          7th Grade -  Monday August 28th/Tuesday August 29th from 6:00-8:00pm

Place: LMS Baseball Field

Other Requirements:  Required Forms found under "Athletics" on the LMS Website

 -Updated physical

-Insurance waiver form

-Concussion form

-AHSAA release form

**The physical must be up-to-date within 1 year with a doctor's signature 

 Have questions? Contact Coach Williamson


Winter Tryout 2018:

Date: Monday January 29th

Time: 3:30-5:30

Location:  LMS Baseball Field


*New participants will need an updated physical, concussion form, AHSAA release form, and Madison City Insurance Waiver form.

       - Forms can be located on the LMS Webpage under the 'Athletics' tab