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**Our Annual Dance for the students in the ELC will be on May 5th, 2017 from 5:30-8:30. If you are a helping hand, you are expected to attend. Food will be provided for Helping Hands during the dance. We ask that you bring 2-2 liter soft drinks for our dance. We will begin to accept the 2 liter drinks as soon as possible. We really appreciate your support.

**Our annual picnic will be on Tuesday, May 16. This is a fun day for the students in the ELC and would love for you to join us if possible.  You will be excused from classes but will be responsible for any school work that is missed. We would like for you to attend your classes if they are going over materials for your exams. You are welcome to come and go.


Who We Are:  The purpose of HELPING HANDS is to involve non-disabled peers as peer mentors/tutors for the students in the Exceptional Learning Center. These students will be expected to assist the ELC students with morning work before school, eat lunch with the ELC students on occasion and some special activities planned during the school year.

When We Meet: Before school and helping hands will go along to help on certain special olympic field trips

Where We Meet: Exceptional Learning Center (ELC) at Liberty

Cost: No cost to become a helping hand. Money may be required to attend certain Special Olympic Field Trips

 Want to get involved?  2016-2017 Helping Hands have been chosen and are listed below. 

Questions? Please contact Natalie Lane at for more information