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Who We Are:  The purpose of HELPING HANDS is to involve non-disabled peers as peer mentors/tutors for the students in the Exceptional Learning Center. These students will be expected to assist the ELC students with morning work before school, eat lunch with the ELC students on occasion and some special activities planned during the school year.

When We Meet: Before school and helping hands will go along to help on certain special olympic field trips

Where We Meet: Exceptional Learning Center (ELC) at Liberty

Cost: No cost to become a helping hand. Money may be required to attend certain Special Olympic Field Trips

 Want to get involved?  2016-2017 Helping Hands have been chosen and are listed below. 

Questions? Please contact Natalie Lane at for more information

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Helping Hands!

Jude Lugo

Ali Phillips

Sadie Libby

Shelby Williams

Ella Clark

Anika West

Kia Craven

Sarah Shirley

Britton Slifka

Annie Paschall

Emma Colee

Tatum Leathers

Kaya Lyons

Emily Simon

Katie Simon

Elizabeth Congo

Elyse Truumees

Madeline Schlaman

Caitlyn Johnson

Jake Green

Ralen Byrd

Maddox Emory