Scholars Bowl

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Who We Are: We are LMS Scholars Bowl team. We are also a 9 weeks course. 

What We Do:  Participate in trivia tournaments with and throughout North Alabama schools systems. Students compete in class to earn a spot on the competition team. There is an A and B team determined by individual scores, content knowledge, dependability, and good sportsmanship. A-Team members will be selected to stay in Scholars Bowl for additional 9 weeks. 

When We Meet: We meet every day in class for 75 minutes for 9 weeks. Should you make it onto the competition team the tournaments are on Saturdays from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. There is typically about 1 tournament a month. 

Where We Meet: Room 206 for everyday classes. Tournaments range from Birmingham to Kentucky. 

Cost: $40.00 class fee that goes towards practice materials. Fee does not include smaller tournament registrations, team t-shirts, etc. 

Want to get involved? sign up for Scholars Bowl as a 9 weeks elective! 

Questions? email